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Chiropractic Care

Our Services

Chiropractic Care CroydonHere is a list of just some of the services our Chiropractors can provide:

  • Low Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Headache
  • Disc Injury
  • Spinal conditions
  • Shoulder conditions
  • Elbow and wrist conditions
  • Hip conditions
  • Knee conditions
  • Ankle conditions
  • Vertigo
  • Sports Chiropractic
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Pregnancy Care


Our Techniques

We use a number of highly-effective adjusting approaches to help improve spinal biomechanics and reduce nervous system interference. The approach we use is based on our clinical judgment and years of experience.

The primary adjusting techniques we use include:


After identifying which vertebrae have lost their normal motion or position, a specific manual thrust is applied to free up “stuck” spinal joints. read more»

Activator Methods®

This is a system of spinal evaluation combined with a handheld adjusting instrument that delivers a consistent, low-force thrust. read more»

Cox Flexion-Distraction

We use a special table so we can traction your spine, opening up the spacing between spinal vertebrae and relieving pressure to spinal. read more»

Dynamic Neuro-muscular Stabilisation (DNS)

Is a gentle form of care based upon the understanding of how our bodies physically move; brings together the ideal ‘programs of movement’ in our brain, the coordinated action of muscles and the shape of our bones and body.? read more

DNS is a specialized Czech Rehabilitation technique that originally came from studies of how babies develop and then become mobile. Those same principles apply to how we move as adults: we use certain in-born patterns of movement already present within our brains to move in a safe, efficient and purposeful way. Sometime those ‘ideal patterns’ of movement can be lost or impaired leaving the person prone to physical injury.

DNS techniques may be used to help infants who have physical delays i.e. slow to crawl, sports people wanting to improve their performance and for almost everyone as a means of helping rehabilitation after injury. It is gentle and involves stimulation of reflex points, breathing and very specific exercises. One of the advantages of DNS is that it often provides very quick easing of tight and painful muscles.

The technique was developed at the Prague School of Rehabilitation and takes many years of training for accreditation as a certified DNS practitioner. Bruce was one of the first Australian health professionals to be accredited and has been studying DNS and other Czech rehab techniques since the late 1990s. Every year he completes DNS update programs.

Muscle & Soft Tissue Approaches

We employ many different techniques to treat tight, weak or painful muscles, scar tissue, tendons, ligaments and lymphatic tissues. ? read more

These include:

  •     Trigger point therapy
  •     Graston technique
  •     Myofascial release
  •     PNF
  •     Deep tissue work

We choose the technique most appropriate to your individual condition and needs. Many people need muscle therapy in combination with chiropractic to
achieve faster relief and longer lasting results.  For remedial or relaxation massage we are happy to recommend a number of local masseuses who we have had a close working relationship.

Low Force Techniques

We also use a number of popular “low force” techniques including Pelvic Blocking, Activator and Muscle Energy soft tissue methods.? read more

The Pelvic Blocks are wedge-shaped devices used to help correct your spine and properly “tune” your nervous system. By knowing exactly where to position these blocks, we use the weight of your body and gravity to make corrections, naturally.

The Activator Methods® Adjusting Instrument is a hand-held spring-loaded tool that delivers a consistent low-force, high-speed thrust. Because it’s many times faster than adjustments delivered by hand, the body rarely tightens to resist, making adjustments comfortable and effective. It’s also helpful for adjusting elbows, wrists, knees and other joints of the body.

Muscle Energy techniques are a form of Osteopathic manipulative treatment where the patient’s muscles are held in certain positions and then tightened or relaxed in a specific direction as guided by the doctor. It is a useful option to relieve pain and restore shortened or irritable muscles to their normal length and promote healing.

Therapeutic Exercises

Prescription exercises can be personalized to keep you out of harm’s way and aid recovery. Sometimes it is a matter of relearning a better ‘movement pattern’, or being able to ‘protect’ your spine or knowing how to strengthen the ‘weak muscle’ link.

We are very experienced with many exercise approaches included those developed by Janda, Kolar, Lewit, McGill and McKenzie.

If you’ve been to a chiropractor before and prefer to be adjusted in a particular way, let us know. We want you to relax, enjoy and fully benefit from your chiropractic care. Please contact us today to book an appointment.



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